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blog image October, 2023
Electric Propulsion to Sustainable Fuels: Aviation Experts Converge in Las Vegas to Chart Course Forward

NBAA-BACE, the global hub for business aviation innovations, prioritizes sustainability with options like SAF refueling, and promotes net-zero strategies.

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blog image August, 2023
Fueling the Future: The Aviation Sector Converges in Dubai to Discuss Pathways to Net Zero Emissions

Dubai Airshow 2023 Spotlighted Sustainable Aviation. Aviation accounts for 2-3% of global emissions, a number that could balloon to 25-30% by 2050.

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blog image September, 2023
From AI to Quantum Computing: How North America is Setting the Stage for Next-Gen Defense Technology

Quantum communication offers a more secure avenue for military and intelligence agencies to communicate without compromising sensitive information.

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blog image August, 2023
Taking Flight Without Pilots: How Technology is Radically Transforming Autonomous Aircraft Industry

AI and Electric Propulsion Lead the Charge in Sky-High Revolution. Autonomous Aircraft could enable new missions and operations that are not possible today.

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blog image July, 2023
Soaring Beyond Limits: The Space Revolution Unveils New Frontiers and Challenging Obstacles

Technological innovations, such as reusable rockets and miniaturized satellites, have significantly reduced the costs associated with space exploration.

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blog image June, 2023
Skybound Revolution: Unveiling the 6 Transformative Powers of AI in Aerospace & Defense

With advancements in machine learning and data processing, AI is enhancing safety, improving efficiency, and transforming operations in this critical sector.

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blog image May, 2023
Exploring the Vast Cosmic Frontier: Exciting transformations in Store for Space in 2023

The year 2023 promises an array of exciting advancements. Notably, unmanned moon landings are scheduled, marking a renewed focus on lunar exploration.

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blog image April, 2023
Taking Flight into the Future: Exploring the Aerospace & Defense Industry's 2023 Outlook

As the aerospace and defense industry continues to rebound from the impacts of the pandemic, the 2023 outlook shows promising signs of economic recovery.

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blog image March, 2023
Charting the Skies of Innovation: Unveiling the AI Revolution in Aerospace and Defense

AI technologies are rapidly advancing. The United States and China are investing heavily in AI capabilities, with a significant impact on defense.

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