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Airworthiness Engineer - Technical Specialist II
Position ID: 375358 Status: Closed
Location: Savannah, Georgia, United States How Many: 1
Duration: 12+ Month(s) Pay Rate: DOE
Employment Type: Contract
Work shift: Shift-1  
Position Description:

Position Purpose:

Guides and independently performs a variety of engineering and supportive tasks associated with the Compliance Assurance Organization, Organization Designation Authority, FAA, EASA and other foreign civil aviation authorities. Responsibilities include guiding, generating, processing, and supporting the review of engineering documentation required. for certification programs from project start to closure.

Essential Functions:

Prepares, develops, and reviews complex certification plans describing the project scope, certification deliverables, means of compliance, and test/conformity requirements.

Coordinates with EAR to resolve issues with certification deliverables and 8100-9 finding.

Prepares TIA pre-requisites, draft TIA, and open projects/open PR memo. Hosts Pre-Flight Board Meeting with FAA.

Independently prepares Summary Compliance Reports for more complex projects.

Responsible for tracking project task assignments, status, and estimated complete dates as assigned.

Develop and present briefings on certification strategy, status to program leadership, as assigned.

Develops TC and STC FCAA validation deliverables including ROM development, application & classification, SSD & SEI effectivity, schedule development, meeting agendas, presentation coordination for generation with Subject Matter Experts and review, TC & STC internal coordination and action tracking, FCAA responses, ensure publication of minutes and actions, develops validation work plans, TC & STC internal coordination and action tracking, coordinates company responses for Issue papers / CRIs / CAIs, and the FAA responses, coordinate the review of draft VTC, VTCDS, final AFMS and coordinate responses for closure of the validation project.

Perform other duties as assigned.

Unique Skills:

1) Strong background with Federal Aviation Certification Processes and understanding and application of 14 CFR part 21 and part 25 regulations for Engineering Type Design change projects.

2) Ability to review and understand engineering certification plans and provide guidance for compliance demonstration.

3) Experience working engineering design change projects (on the engineering side) is required.

4) Some understanding of EASA processes and CS 25 regulatory requirements is required (experience with other foreign authoriies is acceptable in lieu of EASA).

5) Previous experience working with a delegated organization (ODA, DAS, DOA) is preferred but not required.

6) Understanding of conformity is desired.

Other Requirements:

Working knowledge of Phases of TC, post-TC and STC certification projects, and the associated FAA Orders and Policy; ODA Procedures Manual and key differences in process between different types of projects; Part 25 regulations, how those regulations drive design and system redundancy requirements, and the supporting regulatory guidance material; Certification testing process and deliverables; Airworthiness limitations and associated regulations and operating requirements; Differing certification bases across the production models; Determining design changes (major/minor) and what systems and regulations may be impacted by those design changes; and Validation procedures, project classification and significant standards differences for EASA, Brazil, Canada and China.

In-depth knowledge of design and systems knowledge across multiple models, requirements and potential issues that would be applicable for new/novel technologies, and validation procedures, project classification and significant standards differences across a range of countries.

Education and Experience Requirements
Bachelor's Degree in a discipline relevant to the position required. 10 years specific certification experience or 15 years broad engineering experience. Experience credit considered for related adv degrees limited to 2 yrs for Masters, 4 yrs for PhD in fields applicable to this job.
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