Open Positions

Tool Designer 4Electronic Systems Design Engineer 4 - Digital & Analog CircuitsEWIS Design EngineerTest & Evaluation Engineer 3 - Flight/Mission/System Test
EWIS Design EngineerStructural Design Engineer 3Manufacturing Engineer IIWire Design Engineer 5
Wire Design Engineer 3Wire Design Engineer 4MRB Stress Analyst - Horizontal Stab SupportEE Technical Designer 3
EE Technical Designer 3Wire Design & Installation Engineer 4Wire Design & Installation Engineer 3Systems Engineer 3
Systems Engineer 2Structural Analysis Engineer 5Structural Analysis Engineer 4Structural Design Engineer 5
Structural Design Engineer 4Structural Analysis Engineer 3Software Engineer 3Structural Design Engineer 2
Real Time Software Engineer 3Product Review Engineer 4Electrophysics Engineer 5 - Radio Frequency MicrowaveManufacturing Engineer 3
Real Time Software Engineer 3Real Time Software Engineer 2Real Time Software Engineer 4Electronic Design Engineer 4
Electrical Systems Design Engineer 5Electrophysics Engineer 5 - Electromagnetic CompatibilityElectrical Systems Design Engineer 3Wire Design & Installation Engineer 5 - Wiring Design
Structural Design Engineer 4Electronic Systems Design & Analysis Engineer 4Manufacturing Planner 4 - Electrical/ElectronicsSystems Engineer 4 - Measurement & Control
Stress Engineer - Fatigue and Damage ToleranceSystems Engineer 4 - Anti-Tamper SecurityReal Time Software Engineer 4Electrical Systems Design Engineer 4 - Power Systems
Electrophysics Engineer/Scientist 4 - Electromagnetic CompatibilityElectrophysics Engineer/Scientist 3 - Electromagnetic CompatibilityElectrical Systems Design Engineer 4Mission Systems Test Engineer 4 - AWACS
Systems Engineer 3Systems Engineer 4Systems Engineer 3Software Engineer 4
Technical Designer 4Technical Designer 3Structural Analysis Engineer 3Communication/Network Systems Design Engineer 4
Structural Design Engineer 3Wire Design & Installation Engineer 4 - Wiring DesignElectronic System Design and Analysis Engineer 3 - Support EquipmentStructural Analysis Engineer 4
Structural Analysis Engineer 3Electronic Systems Design & Analysis Engineer 3Real Time Software Engineer 4Real Time Software Engineer 2