Open Positions

Equipment & Tool Engineer 4Systems Engineer 4Microelectronics Engineer 5Microelectronics Engineer 4
Electronics Design and Analysis Engineer 6Propulsion Engineer 3Propulsion Engineer 5Project Engineer 5
Systems Engineer 3Project Engineer 5Systems Engineer 3Technical Designer 4
Quality Engineer IIMP&P Laboratory Technician 2NC Programmer 3Manufacturing Engineer II
Mechanical Systems DERSoftware Engineer 4Software Engineer 3Mechanical Systems Hydraulic Engineer DER
Powerplant Engine and APU Engineer DERFlight Control Software Engineer DERFlight Control Software Engineer DEREWIS Engineer DER
EWIS Engineer DERSupply Chain Specialist 3NC Programmer 3Electrical Systems Design Engineer 3
Product Review Engineer 3Manufacturing Technology Analyst 4Engineering Technical Support Technician 3Quality Assurance Engineer II
MP&P Engineer 3MRB Engineer - Technical Specialist IIMRB Engineer - Technical Specialist IIStructural Design Engineer 3
Product Review Engineer 3 - Electrical/ElectronicTechnical Designer 3Industrial Engineer IIManufacturing Engineer 3
Human Resources AssistantProduct Review Engineer 2Systems Engineer 4EE Technical Designer 3
Wire Design & Installation Engineer 3Structural Analysis Engineer 3Structural Analysis Engineer - CompositesTest & Evaluation Engineer 3 - F-15
Mechanical Systems Design & Analysis Engineer 3Mechanical Systems Design & Analysis Engineer 3Manufacturing Planner 3Systems Engineer 4
Maintainability Engineer IIITechnical Certification Engineer - Technical Specialist IIIEquipment & Tool Designer 4Equipment & Tool Engineer 3
Manufacturing Planner 3 - StructuresManufacturing Planner 4 - Electrical/ElectronicsManufacturing Planner 3 - Electrical/ElectronicsEquipment & Tool Designer 3
Manufacturing Engineer 4Manufacturing Engineer 2Systems Engineer 3 - Human FactorsSystems Engineer 4
Software Engineer 4Technical Designer 5Structural Analysis Engineer 2Mechanical/Electrical Integration Engineer
Structural Analysis Engineer 4Sr. Software Development Engineer - Technical Specialist IProduct Review Engineer 4Structural Design Engineer 2
Test & Evaluation Lab Technician 2Technical Data Designer 3Product Review Engineer 3Turbomachinery Mechanical Design Engineer
Creo Design Engineer - Level 4Structural Design Engineer 3Manufacturing Engineer II/IIIManufacturing Engineer II
Electrical (EWIS) Design Engineer - Catia V5Electrical (EWIS) Engineer - Technical Specialist IIQA Certification Specialist IIMP&P Engineer 3 - Chemical/Contamination
Structural Analysis EngineerMaterial & Process Engineer - Technical Specialist IIManufacturing Engineer 4Systems Engineer 3
Electrical Engineer - Technical Specialist I Electrical PM&P Engineer 5Technical Writer Sr.Stress Analysis Engineer
Electrical PM&P Engineer 4Electrical Harness Installation EngineerManufacturing Engineer IIDAR Engineering Consultant
Structural Design Engineer - Special MissionsWire Design & Installation Engineer 3Mechanical Systems Analysis Engineer 3Mechanical Engineer & 2D/3D Checking Engineer
Software Engineer 3Software Engineer 2Mechanical Systems MRB Engineer, Production & Test Aircraft Support (TS II)Stress Analysis Engineer
Simulation & Software Engineering ContractorElectrical Applications EngineerElectrical Harness Installation EngineerCatia Instructor - Technical Specialist II