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Work Visa

There are many types of temporary visas, or “non-immigrant” visas, that allow a person to enter the United States for a limited amount of time and for a specific purpose. Eligibility for these visas is governed by unique requirements, and each of these visas allows the holder to stay for different periods of time. The primary types of temporary visas that allow for employment in the U.S. with CTS are H1-B, TN, and E-3 visas.

The primary advantage in applying for a temporary visa over a permanent visa is the speed in which it is issued. Temporary visas generally take only a few months to obtain, whereas permanent visas can take several years. In addition, permanent visas are usually much harder to qualify for.

The limitations on temporary visas vary with each type of visa. In general, these types of visas allow entry into the U.S. for only a specific period of time and often limit employment to the company that originally sponsored the petition.