Aerospace & Defense Solutions

CTS International supports all phases of the Aerospace & Defense program life cycle, including research and development, engineering, manufacturing, repair, modification, and maintenance. We also provide program and deployment support.

Our program managers and technical recruiters understand the intricacies of the analysis, design, development, and production processes, and can assist in matching the best employees from our large pool of talent to your specific needs. We offer full support capabilities for restricted programs, match our cleared employees with the specific needs of today’s opportunities, and process clearances for our employees when required.

Our management team speaks your language, and can work with you to ensure seamless processing, communications, and compliance with all regulations and requirements.

Program Support

Our global network of aerospace professionals makes CTS International the obvious choice when your organization is in need of large-scale program support. Our proven ability to support customers with volume hiring needs has resulted in placement of thousands of aerospace professionals, including more than 1,500 of the best talent in support of a single project.

CTS International has provided technical expertise for the largest commercial, military, and executive programs, including:





F-18, F-22 Fighter



C-17, C-130 Cargo


747-8 Freighter

KC-10, KC-135 Tanker



KC-767 Global Tanker


AH-64 Apache Helicopter

P-8 Anti-submarine

International Deployment

CTS has in-house expertise and experience deploying to countries throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and hiring nationals and U.S. ex-patriots from around the globe for OCONUS support. We provide CONUS Replacement Center processing and logistics support, deployment of managed field teams or supplemental personnel, and dedicated relocation support to ease the transition into a new assignment and locale. We can also provide medical, security, and emergency operations support for OCONUS deployed contractors.

CTS has the resources and experience needed to negotiate the intricacies of international travel. To ensure seamless deployment of your support teams, our travel resources are available day and night, year round. Our in-house immigration attorney and experienced support staff will serve as your central resource for deployment around the globe.